Overview of the online charting and technical analysis platform TradingView
The inexperienced trader relies more on intuition and superficial analysis and does not understand that without quality charting software it is impossible to see the full picture of trading. If you use only the chart of the liquidity provider to assess the situation, you can burn out very quickly and being disappointed in this business will not even try to do any more trading. To avoid this, it is necessary to work with data from third-party services, such as tradingview.

The price of the same asset on different platforms is sometimes quite different. Exchanges purposely lure big players, who create volume and clean up the stock market by imitating high demand. The manipulation leads to a distortion of the quotation chart for the same asset, exaggerating or lowering its real value. Relying on information from a particular broker or exchange can make mistakes in calculations. Independent services allow you to compare quotes and trading signals from different platforms to make the right decision. What is the tradingview platform and how to work on it, we are going to tell you now.
About Tradingview 2023
TradingView is a website where you can find online charts, additional useful information and chat with other traders on a thematic social platform.

Tradingview charts have an extensive functionality of settings with which you can track changes in the value of any asset (stocks, bonds, and so on). The importance of an independent source of information can hardly be exaggerated. With TradingView it is easy to analyze the markets.
Let's talk about the benefits of TradingView
Personal ideas can be saved graphically with a variety of templates. You can get acquainted with the ideas of experienced colleagues and offer them your own developments.
Various scripts, indicators and alerts are available.
Comparative analysis of trading instruments, economic news column, public and private chats are available.
The demo-version of Tradingview is available for 30 days, after that it is necessary to pay the service fee. Paid version, in addition to the complete absence of advertising, allows:
You can work with several charts (maximum 8) in one multi-window.

You can use any number of charts, not 5 as in the trial period.

Use up to 25 different indicators.
Receive up to 200 alerts and 500 text messages per month.
Connect up to 5 different gadgets.
Work with any timeframes for all assets and set timeframes at your discretion.
View trading information online.

The professional version of TradingView is not cheap, but with this service you can avoid serious losses on the exchange.
Registration at TradingView
Click the registration button in the upper right corner and enter your username and email address or use your Google account or one of the popular social networks, such as Facebook. Now you need to:

Accept the terms of use.
Check the "I'm not a robot" box.
Click the "Register" button at the end of the form.
In the next window you will be asked to upload a photo(optional) and confirm the account name (you can only change it once), then you will be taken to the site.

Click "Try Free" to activate the free BASIC version with minimal features.

Reviews of Tradingview

After reading tradingview reviews, we can conclude that most traders are satisfied with the functionality of the service. The limitations of the free version are not critical for beginners, but you have to tolerate the presence of ads.

Data is automatically saved in the cloud and is easily synchronized between different devices. To avoid being banned from the chat, read the rules of conduct and never violate them. Based on the reviews on tradingview, the notification service is well established and there are many useful features that will surely improve your trading experience.

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